Baptism of Christ

For your prayers……

Rivers near and far are under threat from pollution and over extraction. True of the River Jordan and true of Norfolk’s rivers.

From the ‘Holkham Bible Picture Book’© The British Library

As Christ was baptised in the Jordan, it is imagined that the first Christians in East Anglia were baptised in rivers, as Paulinus baptised Northumbrian converts in the River Glen.

Walking the Walsingham Way, from Norwich to Great Ryburgh in the Wensum Valley to the healing waters of the Walsingham Shrine beside the River Stiffkey; a pilgrims own baptism and the promise of “living water, welling up to eternal life” is often a recurring theme.

In a post COP26 world caring for the creation has to be the concern of all people of good will

The good news is ………

Improving the condition of our rivers is the concern of the Norfolk Rivers Trust

A threat ….

A controversial new road linking roads north and south of the River Wensum would cut across the route of the Walsingham Way.

Stop the Wensum Link

The case against it is argued by Stop the Wensum Link , the case for by Norfolk County Council

Author: norfolkpilgrim

Retired CofE clergyperson. Thinking globally acting locally. Here we have no abiding city.

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