Great Snoring to Walsingham via the Slipper Chapel

Arriving at Walsingham via Slipper Chapel

Leaving Great Snoring on the Barsham Road, we part company with those going directly to the centre of Walsingham at the top of the Greenway. Continuing in the same direction, in two minutes fork right and head downhill towards Haughton, St. Giles. Arriving at the crossroads on the Fakenham Road, St.. Giles church can be seen to the left. We cross the road and continue down hill to a ford, where we cross the River Stffkey dry shod by way of a footbridge . On the other side, a left turn at the “T” junction brings us, in a quarter of a mile, to the Slipper Chapel and the National Catholic Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

From here a permissive – pedestrian friendly – route along the redundant Wells and Fakenham Railway provides a modern, traffic free, calm Holy Mile into the village.

Walsingham Village Map

At the end of the path, a right turn into Blind Dick’s Lane and a left onto Back Lane has us rejoining the direct route. Passing behind the ruined Franciscan/Greyfriars Friary, we emerge beside the (R.C.) Church of the Annunciation and the Black Lion Hotel  at Walsingham’s Friday Market, a short walk from the Anglican ShrineAbbey Grounds and the parish church of St. Mary.

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