Norwich to Walsingham

From Norwich, on the edge of the Broads National Park, to Walsingham, close to the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Walsingham Way leads through the heart of Norfolk.

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Only towards journey’s end do they leave the Wensum Valley and cross the watershed, before descending to Walsingham where another (chalk fed) river, the Stiffkey, wends its way to the sea.

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  • Following in the footsteps of pilgrims past through a well lived-in Deep England landscape;
  • Our path leads through villages, where cottages with roses around the door, ancient churches and well appointed country inns offer welcome.
  • In valleys full of springs, echoing the promise of Psalm 84 – space to breathe freely and drink deeply.
  • To bring modern day pilgrims to Jesus’ hearth and home at Walsingham, the place they call ‘England’s Nazareth‘!

Few records of the Church’s earliest days survive, but you may safely imagine missionary monks at centres such as North Elmham and Great Ryburgh , baptising converts in the Norfolk’s rivers in the same way Paulinus baptised Northhumbrians at Yeavering. The Wensum and Stiffkey are rivers of life.

Starting Out

Norwich to Drayton

Drayton to Ringland

Ringland to Swanton Morley

Swanton Morley to Stibbard

Stibbard to Walsingham

Arriving at Walsingham