Norwich to Walsingham

From the City of Norwich and the Broads National Park to Walsingham and the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, our Walsingham Way follows the valley of the River Wensum.

Only towards journey’s end does the route turn away from the Wensum to cross the watershed , descending into the valley of the River Stiffkey for the final leg into Walsingham.

The Walsingham Way has none of the grandeur of  upland mountain paths, nor the rugged coastline of Iona or Lindisfarne.  It leads pilgrims through a patchwork of fields and woods to journey in a deep England landscape. This is lived in, comfortable like an old sweater,  green pasture and still water country.  Not a country of rugged pathways. These are not valleys of death and shadow (Psalm 23).  These are full of springs ( Psalm 84).   There are cottages with roses round the door, ancient churches and well appointed country inns.  Here you may breathe and drink deeply as you travel towards England’s Nazareth.

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Few written records of the Church in Norfolk earliest days survive, but we can safely  imagine missionary monks baptising converts in the Norfolk’s rivers. (In the same way Paulinus baptised Northhumbrians at Yeavering.) In many ways the Wensum and Stiffkey are rivers of life.

Norwich to Drayton

Drayton to Ringland

Ringland to Swanton Morley

Swanton Morley to Stibbard

Stibbard to Walsingham