Great Yarmouth to Norwich

From Yarmouth to Norwich, minster church to cathedral through the heart of the Broads National Park, is 38 miles on the Wherryman’s Way.

The route begins at Three Way Meeting Point outside Great Yarmouth train station, passing through ASDA’s car park, before exiting under a bridge. Stepping out on the other side surprised pilgrims find themselves in a wide, wet, wilderness at the edge of Breydon Water. A unique landscape of Water, Mills and Marshes. This is a place where thousands of water birds gather. It’s rich mud a plentiful larder. The the marshes, an important breeding site.

The 10 miles from Great Yarmouth Minster to Reedham Church – without road, shop, or pub – is mostly on dyke top paths; the marsh on one side and inter-tidal mudflats on the other, through the Breydon Water Nature Reserve with views of St. Fursey’s base at Burgh Castle on the south bank (see Way Stations).

Reedham has shops, pubs, cafes in plenty and a church founded by St. Felix in the 7th Century.

From St. Felix’s mission station at Reedham Church to the church he founded in Loddon is a further 5 1/2 miles, crossing the River Yare at Reedham Ferry.

Heading towards Loddon, we soon turn away from the river and marshes and encounter our first hill. In fact, the highest point on this leg of the route is no more than 50 feet above sea level, but it is a changed landscape. Never far from river and marshes, our path takes us through through a patchwork of rich arable farmland and woods. Most pilgrims will want to pause halfway at the round towered St. Gregory’s Church, Heckingham .

At Loddon the route crosses the River Chet, then follows the Yare upstream through rolling rich farmland, grazing marshes and riverside villages, to the city Mother Julian called home.

Details of the route here



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