Stibbard to Walsingham

The final leg brings us to Walsingham’s Friday Market on quiet roads and bridle paths. A total of 8 miles.

Stibbard to Walsingham : download the .gpx files from plotaroute

We remain in the River Wensum catchment area until we reach Fulmodeston. At Little Snoring we have crossed the watershed. Water in the ditch at the foot of St. Andrew’s churchyard eventually flows into the River Stiffkey. We cross the River Stiffkey at Great Snoring and once again as we come into Walsingham. Unlike the muddy ditch at Little Snoring, the river at Walsingham is bright, crystal clear and full of life! Thanks, to dedicated work of the Norfolk Rivers Trust.

On leaving Great Snoring on the Barsham Road, pilgrims heading directly for the centre of Walsingham turn right onto the Greenway, parting company with those intending to visit the Slipper Chapel on the way. Details of the two routes are set out Arriving at Walsingham and Great Snoring to Walsingham via the Slipper Chapel pages.

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