3 thoughts on “#Waymarking.2”

  1. Hello, I’m planning to walk the Norwich to Walsingham footpath during half term holidays with my son. Are there any places along the route to pitch a tent and camp for the night? Thanks.


    1. Hi Matthew,
      Yes we can help a little Park Farm Camping https://parkfarm-camping.co.uk/norfolk/ is a 1/3 off the route. At Gt. Ryburgh there is https://walsinghamway.blog/pilgrim-accomodation-in-gt-ryburgh/. It is early day with the WW I think we are due to launch this week and we only finished the waymarking in Norwich from the 2 cathedrals this past week! Our hope is to develop more pilgrim orientated facilities along the way. I’ll try some of our contacts along the way to see if we can find any campsites nearer to Norwich and let you know. we’d be glad to have feed back, pics etc. of your pilgrim walk. God Bless! Richard the WebShepherd


      1. Thanks for your reply Richard. For me it won’t be a pilgrimage as such as I’m not religious but I am really interested in religious history so it will be very interesting for me. It’s more of an adventure for me and my son and some good quality father & son time. Do you have any detailed maps of the route? Many thanks.


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