Progress to Report

As I write, the finger posts and signs are in production. We fully expect our long held aspiration – to create a safe, walker friendly, waymarked, pilgrim’s route between the Medieval City of Norwich and the shrine at Walsingham, 37 miles through beautiful, unspoilt, Norfolk countryside – will be a reality on the ground for the Spring and Summer of 2021.

Before any formal launch in the Spring, this blog site will step down to allow space for a new Walsingham Way website. In the future, the new site will provide the central unchanging content and this site on-going copy. Including details of other Norfolk pilgrim routes.

Among them a leg between Great Yarmouth and Norwich extending the Walsingham Way to the East Coast. In 2019 the Walsinghasm Way project added a layer of interpretation to the already existing Wherryman’s Way and a small section of the Angles Way, to create a pilgrim route we named – The Norfolk Saints Way. *

The Norfolk Saints Way

There maybe other routes too. During the past summer, ideas about a St. Withburgh Trail, linking Dereham with Holkham via Walsingham created some interest. In an update in March 2020, Rev’d Canon Peter Doll our projects leader, wrote about others working with “the Cathedral and the Walsingham Shrines to develop routes from other directions”; among them ” a ecumenical group in King’s Lynn and another looking at a route from Canterbury to Walsingham via Tilbury.

* During the winter we will aim to migrate important information on the temporary Norfolk Saints Way to this site.

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Retired CofE clergyperson. Thinking globally acting locally. Here we have no abiding city.

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