Voyage of the Bolero 2 : Surlingham

Across the the river from Postwick is Surlingham.  It has a very splendid pub –  The Ferry House – serving very special food, where pilgrims and visitors will be cared for by the land lady,  Sonia,  and her very special team! Before I stop singing the Ferry House’s  praises, let me add – those travelling by boat, can reserve a mooring;  and those of foot,  can camp.  Just phone in advance to book your place.

Royally  fed and watered, the crew of the Bolero slept like logs and in the morning walked the Surlingham Marsh Circuit,  following this route Wherryman’s Way Walk .  The path skirts the RSPB Surlingham Church Marsh ; and passes the ruined St. Saviour Church where the influential naturalist Ted Ellis is buried – Ted’s description of the Broads as “a breathing space for the cure of souls”, has been pirated by Britains National Parks  who describe themselves as breathing spaces.

It also passes by the round towered  St. Mary’s Church.

Returning to the Ferry House,  we made our way down river to lie to a mud weight overnight in Surlingham Broad.  At last, it had stopped raining.  A perfect end to a blessed cruise

We will lay ourselves down in peace and take our rest:
for it is thou, O Lord, only that makes us dwell in safety

Author: norfolkpilgrim

Retired CofE clergyperson. Thinking globally acting locally. Here we have no abiding city.

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