Great Snoring to the Slipper Chapel

The Slipper Chapel forms part of the Roman Catholic presence in Walsingham. It is the traditional point of entry into Holy Land of Walsingham ; the point at which pilgrims would remove their shoes to walk the last mile – the Holy Mile – bare foot. “Take off your boots”, said the Lord to Moses, or words to that effect, “For the ground you are standing on is holy.”

Great Snoring to the Slipper Chapel

Some pilgrims still choose to walk the last mile barefoot. The bridge and ford at Haughton, St. Giles, where we cross the River Stiffkey before turning left to the Slipper Chapel, provides an opportunity for pilgrims to wash tired feet before reaching journey’s end.

Dodging traffic and avoiding exhaust fumes along the road into village, can make the Holy Mile a trial. Thankfully, a permissive – pedestrian friendly – route along the redundant Wells and Fakenham Railway provides a gentle calm alternative.

Walsingham Village Map