Reedham and St.Felix

From From the Life of St.Audrey – Marie, de France; June Hall McCash; Judith Clark Barban


Felix built first a church at Soham
Then a church at Reedham
Where people worshipped God.
But the pagan Danes,
Who despised God and his laws,
Robbed it and destroyed it
And took away the servants of God…….

Felix had lovingly
baptised King Anna and his people.
And caused the whole region to be
born again through baptism.


From St.Edmundsbury’s Liber Albus
(Quoted in Tim Pestell’s “Landscape of Monastic Foundation)

“In the wall of Loddon church a certain inscription was found.Felix bishop and Werned Abbot and Luthing Aethling. He maden the kirke at Lodne (Loddon) and the Kirke at Redeham(Reedham)and the halige Kirke at Babingley.”

At Mendam a bishop was found in a wooden coffinand in a leaden tablet was contained –Hier lieth biscop Eadmund Kinges thean. He sette Lodne and he sette Redham and he sette Mendham and there his bones restan.”

(BM Add. Miss.14847)

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