Planning a Walk

If you do not want to walk the route from beginning to end in one go –  consider breaking it down into  Short and Circular Walks

Maps/Guides etc.
The best of the bunch on-line is   However, one needs to take on board various detours. To find temporary diversions on the official  on this page  However,  users do not always  find the information here entirely helpful, so good maps are recommended.

E.g.  At the time of writing, there was a long detour from the Berney Arms, via the Weavers Way to Wickhampton,  which added 2 miles to the route. This was not supported by the majority of on-line maps and guides.

The writer favours OS Landranger series sheet 134, which comes with a mobile download (great to consult when its raining).  If one values a physical map, the Explorer Series (Sheet OL40) is big, unwieldy and hard to fit in a map case!

Accomodation:  There are B&Bs readily available in Reedham and Loddon otherwise the picture is less promising.

Camping in available at The Reedham Ferry Inn and Surlingham, Ferry House