Pilgrimage for All

Digital detox! Stress busting! What’s not to like?

Time out in Norfolk’s heritage rich, deep England landscape, provides an opportunity to reflect on life – the miles travelled and the road road that lies ahead; “….not rushing on,” with time ” to turn aside to consider” the wayside flower, birds on the wing, things that are important but not urgent; roaming, walking, sauntering, following in the footsteps of those who have gone before, through quiet lanes towards a destination of significance; listening to the poetry, the stories, songs of the road and the whispering of the heart; drinking deep at wayside shrines and well appointed country inns…….. What’s not to like?

A pilgrimage does not have to be religious. It might be said, “Religion got pilgrimage a bad press!” One of the stories pilgrims might consider is of Christianity’s bad tempered, binary, disagreement around pilgrimage (and similar matters) during the Reformation. Burning your opponents – Protestants at Norwich : Catholics at Walsingham – is hardly disagreeing well! Not appropriate behaviour for servants of the Prince of Peace.